Meet the photographer

I'm a 21 year old photographer located in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area. I've been shooting and editing pictures for five years. And I've been filming and editing short films/music videos/videos for four and a half years. There is no one style of photography I would say that my photos fall under. I try everything from conceptual to fine art to engagement photography. I'll try everything once. My goal for myself is to step outside of my comfort zone to film and take photos so that I can advance my skill set. I would love to be a photographer/director full time, so I jump at the chance to do a shoot of any kind. Over the next few years, I plan on travelling both in the US and abroad, so if I'm ever in your area, feel free to get in contact with me. I'm always down with collaborating or doing a shoot anywhere, anytime. I'd love to help you make some memories!